Recchiuti Bicycles chocolates featuring artwork by James Miles

Recchiuti 'Bicycles' chocolates now available

Posted on July 27, 2012

Recchiuti Confections continues its ongoing relationship with Creativity Explored with the launch of the 2012 box, Bicycles, featuring the velocipede-inspired drawings of James Miles.

Professional cyclists, bike-to-workers, and casual Sunday tandem riders all fall head over wheels for Miles' whimsical bicycle designs! We'll bet that even if you don't ride, you'll inspired to take up the sport after biting into one of these delicious chocolates!

Each box contains eight pieces of Recchiuti’s signature Burnt Caramel Truffle, plus two dollars from the purchase of each box goes directly to Creativity Explored.

While you're in the Recchiuti Ferry Building store, remember to view the bicycle-themed artwork by six studio artists on display (and for sale).

CE artist James Miles and Michael Recchiuti greeting customers and autographing boxes of chocolates at the Recchiuti Confections store in the Ferry Building.

Elisa Prado, a Recchiuti Confections employee (and Creativity Explored volunteer), stacking Bicycles.

Photos by Tom Seawell Photography.

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